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General Information

Washington Medical Center is COVID19 Testing facility accredited by Ethiopian Public Health Institute (EPHI). The center provides its service from any of the following:

  1. Washington Medical Center: located in Bole Sub City, in front of Rwanda Embassy
  2. Millennium Hall COVID19 Testing Center: located on Bole Road, Gate No. 1
  3. Sheraton Addis Hotel COVID19 Test Center: located inside Sheraton Addis Hotel
  4. Hilton Addis Hotel COVID19 Test Center: located inside Hilton Addis Hotel
  5. Bole Bulbula COVID19 Test Center: located in Bole Bulbula, Maryam Mazorya
  6. Bole International Airport Terminal 2: located in Departure - Check-in
  7. Bole International Airport Terminal 2: located in Departure - Gates
  8. Elilly International Hotel COVID19 Test Center: located in Elilly International Hotel

Please note the following points when registering for your COVID19 test:

  1. We provide sample collection and testing 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, at our medical center and from 7am to 7pm at the other COVID19 testing centers
  2. No appointment is required for testing
  3. Refer to COVID19 testing requirement of your airline and/or destination to plan your sample collection time
  4. Test result turnaround time is within 24 hours for regular appointment and within 8 hours for express services
  5. The following are accepted methods of payment
    • Cash in ETB, USD, GBP, Euro, RMB, AED or other hard currencies
    • Credit Card or Debit Card
    • Bank Transfer to our selected local bank accounts
    • Online payment with credit or debit cards
    • Corporate credit for eligible clients
  6. Complete the necessary information as exactly it appears on your passport or travel document
  7. You must bring one of the following identification documents
    • Passport or other official travel document for tests that are done for travel abroad
    • Valid government issued photo ID or driver’s license
  8. As per the requirement of the government of China, travelers to China will need an additional IgM Antibody test which is available at our testing sites